KONTA Mineral Jetty – Guinea

Mission complete for LEDUC in Guinea with the delivery of the new KONTA Mineral bulk Terminal in record time and despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 !

Site works started in August 2020, and finished by end October, just in time to receive the bulk mineral handling system (conveyors, loading arm).

This Terminal was designed by Marine Contracting and Infrastructure (MCI) to load barges up to 10,000 T on the coastal river next to the open ocean.

LEDUC was selected by MCI for the construction of the marine infrastructures : detailed Design, procurement and fabrication, transport and installation of a 50 m jetty and mooring/berting Dolphins.

This project is part of MCI’s development strategy in Bauxite mineral ressources in Guinea. MCI is a subsidiary of the GHANTOOT Group (UAE).