Breaking the record at Bargny site ! – Senegal

Works are progressing at a high pace at Bargny new Mineral harbour jetty site : the massive 15 m wide concrete deck has now reached 1000 m and is being installed at the impressive speed of 90 m per week !

The site works have started in 2019 with the construction within the Bargny-Sendou free trade zone of a spirally welded pile fabrication shop, together with a state-of-the-art welding shop ( including welding robots, plasma cutting bench, ..) and a reinforced concrete prefabrication yard.

The aim of the jetty will be to link the future Mineral bulk carrier berthing dock with the shore, enabling the operation of the latest generation of vessels, either for importation of bulk products but also for exporting Senegal productions such as Phosphates, Minerals, iron ore, …

Fitted with several handling conveyors and two circulation lanes, the jetty will enable the safe and efficient transport of vessel’s cargo up to the warehousing and storage facilities.

This Jetty is a key element of SMP’s (Senegal Minergy Port) harbour development strategy to tackle two major challenges : the constant mineral bulk traffic increase and the congestion of Dakar historic harbour.